WD @media talk subject change

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I recently changed my Web Directions @media talk title & abstract to something more specialized. Instead of discussing under-hyped CSS3 features in general I will only focus on one CSS3 feature (more hyped than the ones I was planning to show, but all the hype is only about very basic use cases): CSS3 Gradients:

Mastering CSS3 Gradients

With most browsers adding increasing support, and the simplicity of providing fallbacks for those that don’t, CSS3 gradients are something we can start to use right now. They benefit our users with faster websites and ourselves with more time in our hands to spend in other things, since they are easy to create, edit and update. A very powerful feature that can also be utilized for a surprising number of design effects, even ones that don’t resemble gradients at all. In this talk, Lea will explore CSS3 gradients in great depth and it’s almost guaranteed that no matter your expertise level, you will walk out having learned new things.

I tested a draft of this talk with a meetup group in Oslo (Framsia) and it went very well. I got reviews like “I was amazed that you managed to speak almost an hour of CSS3 gradients and still keep the crowd interested” (thanks Legendre!). Even Bruce Lawson, who happened to be there, told me he didn’t know like 70% of the material presented! :)

I’m looking forward to it since it’s a topic I’m passionate about, and I hope to see you there! Don’t forget that you can use the coupon code WDVEROU when registering to take £50 off the current price.

PS: I don’t like the title very much, so if you have anything more witty to suggest, feel free. ;)